One Arm Willie

One Arm Willie was born a bastard son in the Land of Enchantment, Albuquerque, New Mexico and growing up in hills of Appalachia learned the esoteric ways of the old world from the wiser generations. He left Appalachia for far flung destinations where he became proficient in West Germanic tongues. Shortly after his stint in Glaspaleis, Nederland, OAW dedicated his life to the pursuit of the mystical ancient trade of tattooing. After many years of wayward avocations, he reaped his years of artistic sowing through an apprenticeship with Sickle and Moon Tattoo under the tutelage of Darcy Del Priore. One Arm Willie now lives under the shadow of the Black Mountain continuing the traditions of his forefathers like Dale Kellett and Lyle Tuttle and keeping this trade alive through bold, timeless designs and impeccable application. When not following his first love, One Arm Willie is traveling forgotten paths on his hand built shovel head to acquire  forlorn knowledge from the absconded.

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