Shannon Gamerl

Cullen Bleser Quinn landed Philadelphia by way of Central CT in 2015. Enchanted by his experiences getting tattooed, he stepped away from higher education in order to fully pursue the craft himself.

Cullen gradually worked his way into Seven Swords, where he would eventually learn the sacred art of tattooing. After proving himself useful around the shop, as well as his potential as a tattooer, Cullen began his apprenticeship under shop-owner Myke Chambers in March 2018.

Cullen spent the next 2 years painting flash, studying the history of tattooing, and learning the ropes of the craft, and finished his apprenticeship in February of 2020.

The beauty of traditional tattooing is in its longevity for the wearer. Cullen strives to make his work to be bright, bold, and legible from across the street. He applies each tattoo with care, making a piece of art that is built to last a lifetime.