Carlos Perez

Carlos was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Rochester, NY where he grew up as a graffiti artist.

In 1998, tattooing found Carlos. With not much interest in tattoos at the time, he began practicing his new craft. He worked at places like Extreme Grafix and Rite of Passage, but always felt something was missing.

Everything changed when he met his wife, and moved to Philadelphia. Carlos landed at Body Graphics Tattoo, where he worked for six years. Meeting his new friend, tattooer Charles Rouse, opened his eyes to traditional tattooing where in fell in love with this style instantly.

After moving on to Northern Liberty Tattoo in 2014, he met and worked with Myke Chambers which helped him gain an even better understanding of traditional tattooing.

Now, with Myke opening his new shop (Seven Swords Tattoo Company), Carlos has joined the crew. Due to his background in graffiti, he also enjoys tattooing custom lettering along with traditional imagery. Concentrating on these two styles has helped Carlos feel comfortably with tattooing.

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Carlos Perez
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