Seven Swords Tattoo Company, Philadelphia is located on the Frankford Ave Arts Corridor in Fishtown/EKN Philadelphia. SSTC is a shop that was newly owned and established in 2014 by Myke Chambers.

We are nothing like any typical tattoo shop you may expect to stumble upon anywhere. SSTC is fully staffed by carefully selected and talented, well-rounded, professional tattooers. We are able to provide a wide range of high quality artwork of all different styles right at your disposal. We showcase a large selection of beautiful flash sheets to select artwork from, and are also willing to create entirely custom designs to accommodate our clients.

At Seven Swords Tattoo Company, we not only take pride in providing you with beautiful tattoos, but also in being able to do so in a clean, welcoming, and stress-free environment.

Our world-renowned resident tattooers include Myke Chambers,  Makayla Lulevitch, Mark Braham, Hunter Graves, Benny Beyer, Doug Hand, Angi Rosa, Casey Mckenna and Ben Red.

Here at SSTC, we will always strive to give our clients the most memorable and enjoyable tattoo experience possible. We hold tattooing in the highest regard, and live to provide you with beautiful artwork that you can wear forever with pride. ​Interested in setting up an appointment? Click here!

Seven Swords Tattoo Company

Myke Chambers' World Class Tattoo Parlor, dedicated to giving Philadelphia and Asheville bold clean tattoos.

Seven Swords Tattoo Services:

2580 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA

(267) 319-1910